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We are specialists in providing technical support for Home computing & BlackBerry® range of products and services. Be it knowing how to use your computer or the more complex wireless network installs, back-up's, virus removals, gaming, wi-fi printer installs, smartphone setups etc, we have the correct solution tailored for your need. To make matters simple we have classified our services into four broad catagories. They are as under-

PlanRSSS - PC/Mac® Technical Support Pack (NEW @ £4.99/month!)
BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® Smartphone Setup and Support
PlanRSS Max Gift Set - Tech support in a Box!
BlackBerry® support services Training
BlackBerry® Custom Application Development

PlanRSSS - PC/Mac® Technical Support Pack @ £4.99/month(NEW!)
Plankton Remote Support Solution is a tailor made IT support package that is ideal for a home user. Our friendly and qualified technical support staff help you resolve your computer problems remotely. Problems are resolved over the phone or whenever nessecary they are resolved by remotely connecting to your computer (with your permission). So now you can get a subscription based service from us to get personalized computer (PC/Mac®) support!

Service Deliverables at a glance

  • Up to 10 support incidents per month (fair usage) for one computer and two peripherals (that's stuff like scanners, printers, mp3 players) that are connected to your computer during the hours of 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Remote access of device to complete troubleshooting and configuration with customer over the phone. Available during the hours of 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Software installation including shortcuts and updates.
  • Computer and device set-up, synchronization and optimization.
  • Security software installation and configuration.
  • Broadband and Wireless troubleshooting.
  • Diagnostic – we find out what’s wrong with your computer and advise on the next steps.
  • Computer optimisation – disk defrag, registry clean-up, etc.
  • 20% off the price of a house call. House calls are available during the hours of 9 am to 7 pm (Note that House Calls are separate to PlanRSS and are available in the London area only).
  • Any new parts/components needed will be billed at actuals.
  • Data Backup once a month (preferably on external hard disk drive supplied by client).
  • For Monthly Subscriptions

    For Yearly Subscriptions

    For One Time Fix

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    BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® Smartphone Setup and Support

    We are your local experts in unlocking the true potential of your BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone. Be it a basic setup and activation of your smartphone for emails and other applications or the more complex operation of connecting your BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone to your computer we are the one stop shop.

    Some Delverables at a glance

  • BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone Setup and Activation
  • BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone Email troubleshooting and Validations
  • BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® Handset Troubleshooting
  • BlackBerry® Desktop Manager/iTunes® installation and configuring
  • BlackBerry® Data Transfer from Old BlackBerry® to New
  • BlackBerry® Data transfer from Old non BlackBerry® handset to new BlackBerry®
  • BlackBerry®/iPhone® integration with the Mac
  • BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone Handset usage tutorial
  • BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone third party application support (limited support)
  • BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone handset software update services
  • BlackBerry® language pack updates service
  • BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone Data Backup/Restore service
  • BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone Media synchronisation and Troubleshooting

  • We also support other mobile devices, gaming devices (limited support), laptops, computers etc as well.

    Besides that we also have a host of help pages on this website catering to your various needs around the BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone. All these support pages are designed with due care with you in mind. That is to say the pages are kept simple and are easy to understand with pictorial/video illustrations to make matters even simpler.

    The support pages have come about through real life scenarios of BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone users. We are quite positive that you will find all that you will need on these support pages, if not you can Contact Us and we will tailor a support page to your needs and also add it to the support pages list for the benefit of fellow BlackBerry®/iPhone®/Windows® smartphone users.

    For Monthly Subscriptions

    For Yearly Subscriptions

    For One Time Fix

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    PlanRSS Max Gift Set - Tech support in a Box!

    Now you can gift the PlanRSS Max to your friend or a family member. A complete peace of mind solution in a box, or to go along with that perfect gift. This could be the best gift you would present them with. The PlanRSS Max gift voucher comes with one year's remote technical support service subscription for one computer, two peripherals (printer, scanner, camera etc), mobile phone support & Kaspersky Anti-Virus worth £30!

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    BlackBerry® support services Training

    We conduct specialized training programs to train and qualify your support personel to take charge of your BlackBerry® infrastructure. We conduct training programs for both BIS and BES Support. We also create customized training services programs that are built around your organisations needs and work inline with the goals set to be achieved after mutual consultations with the client. All the training programs are created to improve service levels so that the customer experience is of a high standard. We believe that the customer delight levels vary from customer to customer and our training programs endeavour to achieve the highest levels of customer delight for us and our clients.
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    In order to discuss the training module for your organization feelfree to contact us for a no obligation quote.Contact Us

    BlackBerry® Custom Application Development

    We have specialized application development team that build applications for the BlackBerry® Smartphone. On the consumer side we build applications like themes, wallpapers, ringtones etc for the BlackBerry® smartphone. On the enterprise side we build customized applications for our clients inline with their requirements for their BlackBerry® infrastructure.

    To see what we can do in order to improve your organizations efficiencies in the BlackBerry® realm, contact us for a consultative meeting. Contact Us

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